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WE can register your number for a trail period of 7 days and you can deposit some amount in your Wahid eLoad account to play with it e.g. recharging yourself or your friends, checking balance, checking status of a request etc. After trial period SIM will automatically blocked unless you wish to continue by paying your registration fee. Yes, you can recharge any number. Yes you can register ported number too. It is recommended that you always register secondary number which belongs to a different mobile operator. So that in case there is network problem with your main operator then you can use your secondary number to make requests. Only one number will be active at any time e.g. if you have activated your secondary number then you can only make request using your secondary number. Activation/Deactivation/Add/Change of secondary number can only be done via your main number. Make sure that you are using correct PIN and message was send from the active number. Make sure that service on your mobile is working. Check if you can send an SMS to yourself, if that works then try sending SMS to a different Wahid eLoad number When Wahid eLoad received same requests (Same number and same amount) within 30 minutes then it only process one of them and ignore the other. This is also valid if you have sent the same request from your two different numbers (main number and secondary number) and on different Wahid eLoad numbers. By default we have set the max. load limit to Rs. 1000 per request. This is for your own safety. If you want to change this limit then please refer to our Wahid eLoad commands section. In order to make same request multiple times you have to use different command code e.g. you can send


request and now Wahid eLoad will process all these requests. Only same requests with same code are ignored. This same process is true for self easyload i.e. you can send


and Wahid eLoad will treat them as separate requests. This has nothing to do with Wahid eLoad. It is problem with your mobile operator and please check with them. Make sure that you have paid your registration fee. WE also block your account if wrong PIN is used 3 times (just to protect against misuse of your mobile set by someone else). If this is the case then please contact WE helpline to get it unblocked. First two time WE will unblock without any charges but if this repeats then WE will charge you Rs. 50. Call our helpline as soon as possible and provide them the detail about the load e.g. Wahid eLoad TID (Transaction ID) if you know or number on which you sent the load and amount. Our operator will contact the operator involved and try to get the load refunded. Please note that not all operators refund and couple of them do not refund full amount. Please refer to our Wahid eLoad commands section. Basically you have to use *14 or *17 command. Please refer to our Wahid eLoad commands section. Basically you have to use *2 command. In case your SIM has been stolen, please contact Wahid eLoad helpline as soon as possible so that we can block your account. Although your account has a PIN code (4 to 6 digit long) but there are chances that your mobile set save all the out going messages, if that is the case then your PIN code is not secure. WE recommend you to disable saving of out going SMS. This will make your PIN code a bit secure. We also recommend then you do change your PIN every day or once in few days. Nothing, just use all of your balance and security, if any, and then your SIM will automatically be un-register after a month. Simple, just send *25*PIN*NUMBER# and you will receive WahidID for that number. That is because Wahid eLoad is given you at 1.7%. As you are using Plan 0, so originally you had received Wahid Load at 2.8%, so WE deduct extra 1.1% that the time you do Wahid eLoad. As your plan is 1 i.e. you had received Wahid Load at 2.3%, so WE will deduct 0.6% i.e. 1000+6= Rs 1006. WE only send Wahid Referrer profit once in a day, so you will receive your profit at the end of the day. Please refer to command section, basically you want to use *28*PIN# command. First query the available plans and then send *29*PIN*PlanNO# request. Note you can only change your plan when your balance is Rs 50 or less.


It depends how much requests you sent daily. Now a days each operator has daily/weekly/monthly SMS bundle. If you are not going to send more than 100 requests daily then its better to subscribe to a weekly bundle. In case of requests b/w 200 to 300, WE recommend monthly SMS bundles and if you send more than that then daily SMS bundle are for you. There are two possible reasons for this. First, there might be a general problem in network of some mobile operator due to which WE has blocked that operator. In this case as soon as the service become available the easyload for that operator will become available. Second reason could be that Franchise of that operator in your area does not work with WE and that is why WE does not provide easyload of that operator in your area. It would have been illegal if easyload of one franchise is sold in the area of some other franchise. WE makes sure that easyload purchased from a franchise is sold in only their area.


Daily/monthly bonus is only for retailers and is given only on the easyload of few selected operators e.g. currently daily bonus is calculated based on your daily/monthly easyload of Warid. Please see the command sections. All you need is to send *100* command. You need to have Rs 200 in your balance. Wahid members have to renew their membership every year in order to use the service. If they do not then their account will be block. Blocked accounts will still receive membership referrer bonus but they can only use it when they renew their membership. You can renew your membership after 20th May 2013. WE only allows you to renew your account within 30 days of its expiry period. Your new expiry date will be 20 Jun 2014. WE adds 1 year to your previous expiry date, which in this case was 20th of Jun 2013. WE only adds a year to your previous expiry date, in this case your expiry date was 20th Jun 2013 so your new expiry date will be 20th Jun 2014. You have to renew your account 3 times to get your account active again, this means Rs 600 (at rate of Rs 200 per year).

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